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Next-Gen Retail: Crafting the Ultimate Omnichannel Journey

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Going Headless: A Playbook for e-Commerce Leaders

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In the dynamic world of omnichannel retail, being at the forefront of innovation distinguishes leaders from followers. Re-imagine commerce with a modern platform that empowers enterprise retailers to rapidly adapt, streamline operations, and leverage agility for future innovation.

Watch the webinar to witness a lively discussion with Jay Topper, Head of Strategy and Innovation at fabric, and Jennine Loisel, EVP of Technology at Bounteous x Accolite, as they dive into how a leading women's fashion retailer re-imagined their omnichannel commerce strategy by partnering with fabric and Bounteous on an amazing 12-month journey.

Discover the strategies that led to a 30% lift in conversion for a leading women's fashion retailer and how you can leverage these strategies to mitigate risk associated with your technology decisions, whether it’s a complete re-platform, or incremental steps to modernize at a rate faster than anticipated!

Learn how fabric and Bounteous teamed up to create a composable commerce framework that's ushering in the future of commerce and the steps you can take to up your omnichannel game.

Your Guides to Innovation

Jay Topper

Jay Topper

Head of Innovation & Strategy at fabric, with a rich history as CDO at FTD & Chico's FAS. | LinkedIn

Jennine Loisel

Jennine Loisel

EVP/Technology at Bounteous x Accolite | LinkedIn