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A Modern Solution for

The modern commerce journey requires more than just yesterday's ERP, so let fabric OMS put you on the right path.

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Going Headless: A Playbook for e-Commerce Leaders

Retail is hard and you need a solution that makes it easy. It starts with an Order Management System (OMS) at the heart of your commerce experience. Because consumers expect speed, convenience and seamless customer service across every channel they shop. But many retailers are still using legacy tools like an ERP and spreadsheets that can't keep up because:

  • ERPs and spreadsheets aren't built for multiple fulfillment channels
  • Batch data updates delay inventory visibility leading to stockouts and a poor customer experience.
  • Retailers can't offer the convenient delivery options customers want like BOPIS and ship from store to get their items fast and efficiently


Learn how innovative retailers use fabric's modern OMS to make omnichannel retail seamless in this ebook.